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Criminal Defense

From law offices located in Los Angeles, California, our criminal defense attorneys have represented CEO's of multi-national corporations, professional athletes, actors and directors, surgeons and other doctors, attorneys, CPA's and a wide range of other successful (and highly compensated) professionals.

Individuals who have a high-profile case and who can afford the best possible criminal defense representation turn to us in their time of need, because they know our commitment to get favorable results pays off. We are serious about criminal defense and protecting your rights. These matters are always urgent, whether you've already been charged or are under investigation.

Breaking News

There are new federal guidelines on Campus Sexual Assault. If you're a parent whose son has been accused of sexual misconduct at a college or university, he faces the very real possibility of being denied a fair hearing. Our law firm has defended students from major universities throughout the country who were facing serious charges. If allegations are made against your child, don't wait. Call our attorneys immediately.

Time is of the Essence

When your future is in jeopardy you have the right to take immediate action. We know exactly how much is on the line, and you can count on us to act quickly to protect you, your business, your career and your reputation.

If you are under investigation or have already been charged with a serious felony or misdemeanor, please contact us at 213-688-0460 for assistance.

Mark Werksman in the Media

Attorney Mark Werksman in the Media

Mark has been interviewed for numerous prestigious publications and quoted in countless mass media outlets. Some of his more notable news headlines include:

  • The Los Angeles Times: "Grand Jury Investigates City Official"
  • TMZ: "Celebrity Skates on Sex Charges"
  • NBC Television : "Bail Reduced For Los Angeles County Assessor"
  • USA Today: "Gold Trader Charged with Wife's Murder"
  • Entertainment Weekly: "Actor Gets Probation and Drug Counseling"
  • Wall Street Journal: "California Grocer's Trial Set to Begin This Week"
  • Associated Press: " Former Big League Ballplayer Indicted"
  • Fox News Television: "Former Restaurant Owner Charged with Attempting to Induce Miscarriage"
  • CBS Television: "District Attorney Probes Contract"
  • BBC News: " Actress Topless Photo Trial Begins"
  • People Magazine: "Prosecutors say Actor Is Back In Hot Water"
  • Bloomberg Law: " California Man Charged Over Day-Trading Scheme"
  • KTLA Television: "Reality Show Judge to Stand Trial"
  • New York Daily News: "Ex-Manhattan Restaurateur Charged with Attempted Murder"
  • Washington Post: "Lawyers Point Fingers in Actor's Fight"
  • Jewish Journal: "JDL-ers Plead 'Not Guilty'"
  • Morning Call: "Band Drops Guitarist Charged with Sexual Assault"
  • Beverly Hills Courier Newspaper: "Century City Murderer Sentenced"
  • Washington Times: "Anti-Muslim Filmmaker's Probation Case Proceeds"
  • KITV Television: "Immigration Case May Keep Alleged Human Trafficker in Prison"
  • Pasadena Star News: "Trucking Death Murder Charges"
  • KTSM Television: "'Lights Over Paris' Leader Charged with False Loan Applications"
  • Pacific Coast Business Times: "Criminal Trial Ahead for Santa Barbara CPA"

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation Nationwide

Mark's appearances throughout the local and national media are no accident. Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to taking on the most challenging, high-profile criminal defense cases, from coast to coast. We have built a reputation on our willingness to put in the work necessary to succeed.

Just a sample of the types of cases we represent include:

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